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Provides a fixed price, 4-step procedure at your business premise or holiday rental property.

Visual Inspection of Appliances & Equipment

Around 95% of defects are filtered out through the visual inspection process. It begins at the connecting plug, through the flexible lead to the point of entry of the device. The device is then checked to ensure that all covers and safety guards are in place, ventilation vents are clear, the housing is in good condition and the product identification label (if applicable) is present and legible.

Testing & Tagging as per AS/NZS 3760-2010

Our Portable Appliance Tester is then applied to all items to check for earth continuity, insulation and polarity in Class 1 equipment, extension leads & power boards and for insulation and polarity on Class 2 equipment.The items are then tagged accordingly and non-compliant items will be tagged with a ‘Failed’ or ‘Danger’ tag. The client is immediately notified of this non-compliance so a replacement or repair can be sought. Newly purchased items do not require test & tagging and at no additional cost a ‘New to Service’ tag will be applied to these items to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary site attendance to test and tag a few items.

Supply of Testing Register

The test records are then entered into the Test Register in the form of an excel spreadsheet and a copy is forwarded to the client in either a hard or soft copy. Local Trade Services retains a database of all sites it services for future reference.

Follow Up Reminder

Prior to the next test & tag cycle coming due you will be contacted by Local Trade Services as a reminder to ensure your compliance is maintained. The testing interval depends on the environment in which the appliance is being used. See the table in the Attachments section below for a schedule of the most common of these.

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Test & Tag Table

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