Yamba Plumbing

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Around the home & business premises Yamba Plumbing offers repair and installation services to suit your requirements.

Leaking Taps, Toilets and Water Pipes Repaired & Installed

  • Water leaks not only waste water but can also dramatically increase your water bills & damage your property if left unattended
  • With our range of spare parts and equipment we can rectify faulty tap seats, replace washers & seals in your taps & toilets and repair leaking pipes to ensure the water flows only when you need it.
  • Should you wish to upgrade your plumbing fixtures and systems we offer the latest products and can guide you through the many options available or if you’ve already purchased we can provide installation.

Hot Water Services Installed & Maintained

  • From service to replacement of gas, electric and energy efficient solar hot water services Yamba Plumbing can advise on the system to best suit your hot water demand and reduce your energy bills.
  • Commonwealth Government rebates are available for solar or heat pump hot water service installations and can save you up to $1500.
  • We provide periodic fixed price servicing of water heaters that can extend their working life & prevent injury from safety valve malfunctions.

Blocked Drains Cleared

  • Waste and storm water that is not being disposed of properly can lead to health issues, foul odors and rising dampness in dwellings.
  • Our drain cleaning equipment ensure all your drainage systems operate as to their design standard. From clearing simple blockages on sinks, basins and the like to below ground septic and sewer drains our equipment usually clears the blockage without the need to remove piping or excavate below ground.

Roof and Gutter Leaks Located and Repaired

  • Cracked, discolored or holes developing in ceilings; Water dripping from joints in gutters are a sure sign of problems with your roof and gutter system. Local Trade Services can locate and repair these problems preventing further damage or advise on replacement options if necessary.

Gas Appliances Serviced & Installed and Gas Leaks Repaired

  • Gas appliances should be serviced regularly to ensure they are operating to specification preventing the build up of dangerous carbon monoxide gas. Any smell of gas should be acted upon immediately as this can lead to an explosive situation.

Book Online or call 0413 277 789